Planning Christmas starts in January!

Planning Christmas

The decorations may have only just gone away but whilst it’s all still fresh in your memory, January is the perfect time to think about planning next Christmas! You will thank yourself in 9 months time!

So, snuggle up with the last of the mulled wine and indulge yourself in reminiscing about the Christmas just gone. Have a look back through your photos and notice which memories sparked the most joy? Ask yourself what would you like your next Christmas to look like?

What were the highlights that you’d like to repeat? What don’t you want to do again? Is there anything you wish you had done? Did you see something that you thought would have been a great idea, if only you’d seen it sooner? A lot happens in a year and it’s so easy to forget all these things. Make a quick note now and you will be super prepared next year!

Here’s a few ideas you might like to jot down or set reminders for to help in planning Christmas…

Thoughts on Christmas Food

Have you been left with lots of extra food this year? Jot down notes of what you actually need / a reminder of what you don’t! That’s your shopping list done already!

Missed out on a food delivery slot this year? Put a reminder in your diary to look out for when supermarket Christmas delivery slots are released, or for when your butcher or greengrocer start to take orders.

Christmas food

Nobody eat the cranberry sauce that you spent an age making? Remind yourself not to bother next year!

Put a reminder in your diary to start adding something to the weekly shop from September.

Seen a recipe in a magazine or on TV that you didn’t get around to making? Put a link in your notes for next year.

Visits to Santa / family excursions

What did you really enjoy this year and would like to do again?

Did you miss out on anywhere that you wanted to go this year? Or perhaps received recommendations of somewhere new to try?

A lot of places do get booked up quickly so it’s worth noting which experience you’d like to do. Make sure you’re following social media accounts and you’re subscribed email lists so that you’ll be the first to hear when the tickets will be going on sale. If you already have an idea of those dates, put an alert on your phone too.

Think about Christmas presents

Who was the hardest person to buy for this time? Make a mental note to pay particular attention to them this year! Look out for clues of what they may want or need.

Say you’re going to make gifts but it’s always too late by the time you get around to it? Add a reminder to start getting ideas and also a reminder to start making them!

Xmas present giving

Too many presents this year? Perhaps it’s time to make a change in the way you do presents; reduce to the rule of 4 want/need/wear/read. Just do a Secret Santa. Set a budget or theme. Or perhaps it’s time to stop exchanging presents with certain people altogether? It may seem crazy to be thinking of this already but there are many people that do start shopping in January, so it’s best to agree these things from the start.

Start a note in your phone with a list of all the people who you need to buy for. Keep an eye on the sales throughout the year and tick people off as you go.

Advent calendar prep

Do you have a re-fillable calendar? We do in our house and the size of the boxes are somewhat restrictive! It’s a good idea to pop one of the boxes in your handbag now, so you can look out for nick-nacks that fit in the box throughout the year.

There is a fabulous range of advent calendars available now but they can be rather expensive at an already expensive time of year. So why not start picking up bits to make your own! Unusual cans of beer / beauty bits and bobs / mini wine or gin bottles – a couple a month and you’ll be ready for December.

Be ready for the decorations to return!

Did you like the way you had the decorations this year? If you took any photos, bookmark a few to remind you next year. Or make a note from memory now, you will forget otherwise!

Was there a simple but really effective display that you noticed and would like to recreate next year? Make a note now.

Finally, pop a bottle of wine and a £20 note in with your Christmas decorations to find when you get them out again! It will be a lovely surprise and you can treat yourself with a takeaway whilst your house is in decorating chaos!


Take some time to reflect on your Christmas just gone and get yourself uber prepared for next year! If nothing else, it’s hopefully just a really nice way to spend an hour in thought!

Do you start planning Christmas in January? What are your top tips to help yourself?

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